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Why Me

I am a relational gestalt therapist. This means that I am particularly attuned to relationships because everything in life consists of some type of relationship: with friends and family; bosses and colleagues; with our pets; our careers; our leisure activities; art; our environment, etc. I focus on the present and what feels important in the moment.


I completed my Masters in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, Los Angeles in 2000, and have been practicing for over 15 years. I am deeply passionate about the work and feel honored that my clients share themselves with me.

The match between therapist and client is critical. We are all human and sometimes we connect better with some people more than we do with others. As therapist and client we will work as a team. In our initial sessions I will invite you to consider whether you feel understood by me, if you are gaining insights through our discussions and if you feel we are forming a connection. I am very happy to make a referral if you think you will work more effectively with another therapist.

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