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Why therapy

You are smart and thoughtful, and have already worked hard at solving this problem. If you could have solved it on your own, you would have done so by now. Instead, this problem--or other challenges--persist. Friends and family are often limited in their ability to help. Finding the appropriate solution requires two people working together: you and me.


As a team, we will determine what is working in your life and what isn't working; how you feel supported and where support is lacking. We will discuss what you want for yourself. “I don’t know” is a great place to start.


You may be reluctant to see a therapist because you may doubt that meaningful change is possible. However, designating a set time and a special place for regular exploration can be significantly life changing. Internal supports you did not know you had will come to light. Nuances emerge that can offer important direction. The answers lie within you and together we will work to find them. 

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